Family Support & Prevention

Family Support & Prevention

Center For Family Services has a long history in working with children and families experiencing challenges , parents in need of support in order to provide basic necessities for their children, and young moms starting a family without having the role models or parenting support they needed to succeed.  Our services help to support and strengthen the capacity for children and families to navigate difficult times and make positive choices.

Recognizing that every client has different needs and challenges, we provide a variety of programs for every stage of life, from birth to old age. With a focus on strengthening families, our programs teach critical parenting skills, increase problem solving abilities, decrease high-risk behaviors, and offer counseling, prevention and support services. We recognize that a sustainable home life is the foundation of success. Focused on creating a safe environment for children and their parents, we offer a variety of programs providing families and individuals with resources that will help them find affordable housing, manage their money, or connect with other community resources.

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