Life Skills provides adolescents, age 14-20, with the skills necessary to grow into successful, confident adults through professional counseling and vocational training. The 12-month program connects adolescents with counselors who provide hands-on, individualized life skills provided in-home, in-community, and on-site. 

Program goals include:

  • Economic self-sufficiency 
  • Interdependence
  • Healthy lifestyles 

Comprehensive support will be give to participants through:

  • Essential life skills lessons such as budgeting and time management
  • Compassionate counseling and peer support
  • Career guidance catered to individual needs
  • Assistance applying for higher education 

Contact Information 

Phone: 877.922.2377


Referral Information 

Life Skills is available for individuals residing in Essex County, New Jersey with DCP&P involvement. Youth who have achieved permanency through KLG or adoption between the ages of 16-20 are also eligible for the program.