Community Connections

Community Connections

Center For Family Services s provides families with the tools, resources, and supports that help build positive futures. We work to ensure all children are safe, healthy, and have every opportunity to reach their full potential. With a focus on prevention, our comprehensive network of services improves lives and strengthens a family’s ability to achieve self-sufficiency.

We offer mentoring programs that connect children with caring, supportive adults; a teen volunteer program that teaches youth about the importance of giving back; and a variety of volunteer experiences that allow community members to do their part in improving southern New Jersey.

We also open our doors every day to the community through our Family Success Centers, neighborhood gathering places that have become a home to the communities they serve. With the help of dedicated staff and volunteers, our Family Success Centers makes individuals and families feel safe, comfortable, and most importantly right at home with a support network which includes a variety of free services.

We are placing a special emphasis on the children and families in the Cooper Lanning community in Camden City through our Promise Neighborhood initiative. Our goal is to provide children and families with a strong support network from cradle to college to career.

Our services are expanding thanks to the dedication and commitment from people throughout southern New Jersey.   With investment from our partner organizations and support from our generous donors and volunteers, we are able to truly make a difference in the lives of people in our community.

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