Center For Family Services is committed to professional development in the area of human services, and has an extensive program of student internships.

To be considered for an internship, the following criteria apply:

  • Be a student enrolled in a college or university;
  • Be registered for college credits for a field experience or internship; or be enrolled in a class that requires a specific number of hours of community contact;
  • Have a college instructor or liaison monitoring field experience;
  • Be aware of specific learning objects as outlined by their school or class.
  • Be interested in an internship placement at Center For Family Services 

Internships generally last an entire semester, some programs require two or more semesters. Internships are generally for a specified number of hours per semester. College credit is dependent on the student having successfully completed the internship.

Center For Family Services works with each student to determine a placement which will meet the students learning objectives, in coordination with their liaison. The needs and resources of Center For Family Services are also considered in arranging student internships.

Interns at Center For Family Services are considered staff, and as such must complete various orientations and trainings. Depending on the program and location at Center For Family Services, interns may also have to complete various drug and other medical screens, criminal background and motor vehicle checks. Interns accepted at Center For Family Services are covered by Center For Family Services insurance.

Each intern at Center For Family Services will have a direct program supervisor, providing regular supervision to guide learning, complete learning contracts and evaluations.

Interns are not considered volunteers as there is a distinct agreement between the student, the school and Center For Family Services, to meet the students learning objectives.

Center For Family Services hosts an average of 100 students annually, from over 25 regional colleges and universities in associate, baccalaureate, masters, doctoral, and post-doctorate programs.

Interested in inquiring about an internship opportunity?  

Please follow BOTH of the following steps:

Step 1) Email your resume and cover letter to the Internship Coordinator


Step 2) Click the "Apply for an Internship" online form link below to complete the online form. (Please note: in addition to emailing your resume, as per step 1, you will need to attach a cover letter and resume via the online form.

Apply for an Internship