Center For Family Services offers a variety of counseling services throughout New Jersey designed specifically to meet the needs of children. If you or a loved one is in need of counseling services for a child or teen, call our Access Center at 877.922.2377 or email to learn more. 

Stepping Stones to Resiliency

Counseling services are available to help you and your child cope, manage grief, build resiliency, and navigate your recovery journey. 

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Children's Outpatient Specialized Services

Specialized services for Morris County families with children age 3-17 at risk for psychological hospitalization.  

Promoting Success 

In-community outpatient counseling for Sussex County families with children up to 18 years old. 

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Counseling Services for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence 

Services focused on improving emotional well-being and skill building for children ages 3-18 living in Morris County who have been exposed to domestic violence.   

Intensive In-Community Program

Short-term, in-home services for children age 3-17 with behavioral and mental health challenges living in Hudson, Morris, Passaic, and Sussex Counties. 

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