Family Link - Family Crisis Intervention Unit (FCIU) supports children and their families helping to resolve family problems before they escalate to a crisis or the point of court involvement. The program provides immediate, year-round, 24/7 crisis response and intervention services to children and their families. 

Family Link staff are trained to manage the challenges that arise with family dynamics and the various issues that children and teenagers face, such as issues with truancy, disregard for rules, family conflict, runaway, sex trafficking. The program offers a flexible schedule to accommodate families, and a combination of in-person and telephone services. Staff support families to resolve and improve severe behavioral and school-related problems, and to prevent the need for court involvement and out-of-home placement. 

Family Link (FCIU) provides:

  • services to promote positive youth development
  • assessment
  • conflict resolution for adolescents and their families
  • short term counseling & case management to stabilize the family and prevent out of home placement
  • linkages to available community resources
  • advocacy
  • services in-person or by phone

Family Link - Family Crisis Intervention Unit (FCIU) is the Camden, Morris, and Warren County Court's FCIU (Family Crisis Intervention Unit) providing intervention and referral services to divert adolescents from the justice system. Our trained professional staff focus on encouraging safe choices and behaviors in an effort to promote safe, healthy futures for children and their families.

Contact Information

Phone: 877.922.2377

Referral Information

The program is open to youth and their families in the New Jersey counties listed below and serves families experiencing family conflict, youth truancy, run away behavior and human trafficking. Schools, law enforcement, family members, and other mental health agencies can make referrals. 
2) Morris County - age 11-17 and their families - FCIU Morris County Referral Form (PDF)
3) Warren County - age 5-17  and their families - FCIU Warren County Referral Form (PDF)


Camden County Youth Services Commission,  Morris County Youth Services Commission, Community Planning and Advocacy Council through a grant from the NJ Department of Children and Families, Juvenile Justice Commission, Warren County Department of Human Services