Free services are available to help senior citizens who are homebound. Services can help homebound seniors manage mental health issues and cope with the challenges associated with aging, including isolation, difficulty accessing community services, depression, anxiety, family conflict, and other challenges. At times, people may face added challenges such as decreased cognitive functioning, or the inability to care for themselves, and/or more serious mental illness. The Senior In-Home Counseling program helps people deal with all of these challenges.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive biopsychosocial assessments
  • Short-term in-home individual and family counseling
  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Competency assessments
  • Medication prescribing and management
  • Caregiver counseling
  • Referral and linkage to community services and resources
  • Continued treatment for those consumers in need of long-term services

Evidence-based practices, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, are utilized in this program to provide behavioral health services with a high rate of success. In-home services are provided by a core program staff member, who is dually licensed as a registered nurse (RN) and a licensed professional counselor (LPC).


Contact Information

Phone: 1.877.922.2377


Senior citizens living in Warren County, who are homebound and in need of mental health and support services are eligible. 

Referral Information

All referrals come through Warren County Division of Aging and Disability Services. 


Title III Older Americans Act, and the Warren County Department of Human Services.