The success of our mission is helped greatly by the generosity of those who make financial contributions, but also by those who rally support and motivate their friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Consider fundraising or hosting a community event in support of Center For Family Services.

When you host an event or organize a fundraiser for Center For Family Services, you're making a real difference in the lives of the children and families we serve. It's an event with a purpose. It is because of the support of individuals, companies, and community groups that we are able to not only continue the work we do throughout southern New Jersey, but also expand it. You make it possible for us to provide the life changing services we offer to thousands of people each year. 


How to Fundraise for Center For Family Services

As an event organizer, we ask that interested individuals follow the policies and best practices we have created to make the fundraiser the best it can be. Events should complement the mission and image of Center For Family Services, which is why we require all event organizers to submit their idea through a proposal, which will be reviewed by the organization. Our process is simple, and ensures that you get the necessary resources to run a successful event.

For additional information, please contact our Development Department at 856.651.7553.

1.      Read the guidelines

To effectively lead a fundraiser, please follow the steps and guidelines below.

2.      Choose an event

Challenge Events – participation in sports events for a cause, e.g.

·         Cycling races

·         Marathons

Personal Campaigns – gives individuals the power to creatively fundraise in their own ways

·         Life Events: Weddings, birthdays, coming of age, graduations, anniversaries, reunions

·         Memorials & Tributes: Giving in memory of in honor of a loved one

·         Active Lifestyles: Training for athletic events, personal accomplishments, etc.

·         DIY/Create Your Own: Dinner with friends, shaving off a beard, lemonade stands, yard sales

Community Events – ticketed and registration based events, e.g.

·         Walk-a-thon

·         Wine Tasting

Office/Company Events – allows groups and corporations to hold internal events for a cause, e.g.

·         Jeans Day

·         Brown bag lunch day

3.      Set a date & establish details

Establish details and be able to answer the following questions:

·         Who would you like to be involved?

·         Will you need volunteers?

·         When do you want the event?

·         Where do you want to hold it?

·         Theme?

After that develop a timeline for the event and work accordingly to it.

4.      Submit an Application

With a plan set up, it is time to apply! Please complete the application form and answer the questions regarding the fundraiser. Once your application is complete, submit it by email it to Marissa Cantu or fax it to 856.494.1442.

5.      Promote Event

Now it is time to let the world know about your event! Publicize and market your event.

·         Distribute flyers around your community.

·         Write up a press release to send to local news stations and newspapers

·         Use social media

·         Emails and e-invites could also do the trick

·         We offer marketing assistance, upon request:

o   Internal distribution to Center For Family Services’ employees regarding event

o   Posting on website and social media platforms

o   Setting up fundraising/donation page for event on website

6.      Have fun!

Enjoy the event and make special memories!                      

 7.      Submit funds

After the event, make sure to collect all outstanding funds and pay any outstanding costs. Please contact the Community Relations Coordinator to donate the net proceeds within 60 days of the event.

·         All individual checks should be made payable to Center For Family Services. All individuals issuing the checks will receive a letter of gratitude from Center For Family Services, including all necessary 501(c) 3 nonprofit status information for tax purposes.

·         If anyone pays in cash or provides “in-kind” support for the event, such as pro bono services or donated items, please keep a record of their contributions and let us know so we can ensure they receive a formal acknowledgment letter.

·         Thank your supporters! Please issue your own thank you by letter, phone, or email to everyone who helped along the way: donors, volunteers, supporters, participants, etc.