Addiction and Recovery

Addiction and Recovery

The addiction epidemic is rising in our nation. This is a disease that knows no age, race, gender, or socioeconomic status. Center For Family Services offers an array of programs that support those currently in or seeking recovery and their families. 

Our Addiction and Recovery services were created to treat not just the individual, but also the family. Whether it is an adult or adolescent struggling with addiction, we take similar approaches to getting them clean and sober. Family involvement is strongly encouraged at "sober social" activities. We provide substance use disorder assessment, education, and treatment in an outpatient setting, and individual family sessions as needed.

Our Living Proof Recovery Center is at the center of our services, offering a peer-led, volunteer-driven place of support for the recovery community. Peer support is integral to the mission of Living Proof Recovery Center where they offer recovery coaching to members in need of resources like employment, housing, and goal setting. Additionally, free workshops and trainings focused on finding and maintaining your recovery are available almost every day.  

We believe a strong relationship between a mother and her baby is essential for the success of the child, and when a mother struggles with addiction, she not only puts her life in danger but also her child’s life. Our continuum of care treats women in an intensive outpatient setting providing on-site childcare, transportation, parenting groups, trauma groups, and case management. Our ultimate goal is to help mothers achieve recovery while at the same time building a sustainable relationship with their child.

Our recovery services include a special focus on some of the most underserved populations. Those in the deaf and hard of hearing community facing addiction had long struggled with communicating their needs and in turn, had not been receiving the proper treatment. We provide the only substance abuse treatment program in New Jersey dedicated to providing services for the deaf community.

We believe recovery is possible and our skilled counselors are dedicated to helping individuals achieve recovery.

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