Multi-component enrichment program for youth on probation referred by the courts

Home based parenting program to support families referred by DCP&P

Outpatient substance use treatment for adults

Works together with parents to get babies off to the best possible start

Group sessions for men referred by the courts or DCP&P focused on changing core beliefs about violence

Grade level reading initiative for Camden City and Camden County children

Community-based, neighborhood gathering place for Camden County families

Connecting Camden City youth with unique educational and training opportunities

Permanent, supportive housing program for young adults

Structured residential program for male youth age 13-18

Creating opportunities for children and families living within the Cooper Plaza and Lanning Square communities

Collaborative initiative focused on revitalizing Camden City

Assault prevention program for parents, teachers, & students

Substance abuse treatment to support families referred by DCP&P

Substance abuse treatment support services for the deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing loss community

Community-based, neighborhood gathering place for Camden County families

Individual and group counseling for children, adults and families

Crisis intervention following critical incident in schools and businesses

Stopping the spread of violence in Camden City

A free, safe, and nurturing early learning environment for children ages 6 weeks to 3 years old

Healing home for girls age 11-19

Residential program for female youth age 12-18

In home service for families referred by DCP&P with a child with medical needs

Outpatient substance abuse treatment program for women 

Provides 24/7 youth crisis intervention services

4-8 week intensive crisis intervention program for families referred by DCP&P

A free after-school program to support teenage youth referred by DCP&P who are experiencing behavioral issues

Strength-based support group to promote strength in girls

Transitional living program for female youth age 16-20

An in-home program designed to help youth obtain the skills necessary to thrive in the home and in the community

Counseling for individuals who have been affected by a traumatic event

Early childhood education program for children ages 3 - 5

Offers parenting support to new and expectant mothers

Partnership with ShopRite that delivers fresh groceries to Camden City residents

Safe housing placement with a caring family for children age 9-18 referred by DCP&P

Transitional structured living program providing assistance to male youth age 16-20

Offering referral and service information

Providing resources to prevent homelessness

Community-based program designed to support and encourage youth experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges

Youth-led, community-based Gay Straight Alliance offering monthly meetings for local teens 

Hospital referred opioid overdose recovery program

A peer-led, volunteer driven place of support for the recovery community

Providing Camden County and Camden City at-risk youth with supportive internships

Temporary housing for homeless single mothers over the age of 18 who are pregnant or have young children

Intensive in-home individual and family counseling

Providing assistance in connecting people to affordable health care.

Emergency shelter and safe housing for youth age 10-18

Creative art therapy program for children affected by domestic violence

Parenting program providing ongoing groups and workshops

Offers counseling to sexually acting out youth who have been referred by DCP&P

A movement to improve the environment in Camden City

In-home family counseling and crisis intervention services for families referred by DCP&P

Intensive in-home case management and family support service for pre-adjudicated youth.

Community-based, neighborhood gathering place for Camden City families

One-on-one mentoring/tutoring program for Camden and Trenton students

Substance use treatment program for the Deaf community

Provides supervised visitation for DCP&P referred families to reunify parents with their children in foster care

In-home services for seniors and disabled adults

Supportive services to residents of housing communities

Assists families in becoming self-sufficient

Advocacy, crisis intervention, counseling, and safe housing for victims of sexual violence, domestic violence, and human trafficking

Outreach and emergency services to homeless youth

Support & counseling for children, teens, and adult who experienced the loss of a loved one to homicide

In-home support to keep children and families safe

Offers counseling and advocacy to grandparents raising children

Offers parenting support to new and expectant mothers until the baby is one year of age

Emergency shelter and safe housing for youth age 9-18

Safe and supportive housing for young ladies age 16-20

A healing group home offering diagnostic assessment for youth age 13-17

Short term safe housing for  youth age 13-17

Long-term safe housing for male youth age 13-17

Outpatient substance abuse treatment for youth