Victim & Trauma Services

Victim & Trauma Services

Exposure to violence, crisis situations, and grief and traumatic loss are salient issues in our community. Our highly-trained, dedicated staff at Center For Family Services responds to the needs of children and adults who have experienced gried, traumatic loss, and violence.

Center For Family Services provides 24-hour response and support for people who experienced traumatic events, including traumatic loss, homelessness, violence, human trafficking, homelessness, sexual assault and domestic violence.  Services include community outreach and education, and intensive individual, group and creative arts therapies, and a response team that works with businesses, schools, and communities to provide comprehensive crisis intervention and counseling following a traumatic incident.

The Peter M. Musumeci and Linda M. Musumeci Family Sanctuary at Center For Family Services offers services in a safe, home-like setting to those in need of support following a traumatic incident.  The Sanctuary is an outpatient counseling and support center offering hope and comfort to children, teens, adults, and families whose lives have been disrupted by a traumatic experience. The Sanctuary is a safe haven that fosters a sense of peace and safety for individuals as they are guided through a complete process of healing and recovery.

If you are a victim of sexual assault, human trafficking, or domestic violence, contact our 24/7 crisis hotlines:

  • Camden County: 1-866-295-SERV (7378)
  • Gloucester County: 1-866-295-SERV (7378)
  • Cumberland County: 1-800-225-0196

Contact the Access Center for more information:  

Phone: 1.877.9.ACCESS (1.877.9.ACCESS) or email:  [email protected].

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