Supportive Employment

Supportive Employment

Supportive Employment provides vocational support and job placement for adults diagnosed with serious mental illness who are ready to work. Services support a pathway to finding and maintaining employment. 

Services include

  • Job search
  • Resume building
  • Assistance with applications
  • Interview preparation
  • On and off site job coaching

Once employment is obtained, Supportive Employment provides ongoing supports, including:

1) On-Site Training & Support - provides hands-on support on the job site to help people learn the requirements of the position and company expectations. 

2) Off-Site Support - consists of office appointments and telephone contact to reiview and discuss the  position, job stressors and success, tasks and co-worker interactions. 

3) Extended Supports - telephone check-in support is available once individuals are secure in their position. This ongoing connection supports and strengthens problem solving and the development of career goal setting. 


Contact Information

Phone: 908.689.6212 x340

Referral Information

The program is open to NJ residents age 18+ who are diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness and who are motivated to wrok. 


Fee for Service 

Counseling & Behavioral Health