24/7 Hotlines

Sexual Violence & Domestic Violence Hotline

Human Trafficking Hotline and Cumberland CAC Hotline

Services Empowering Rights of Victims (SERV) provides support to victims and survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and human trafficking to help people in a journey toward healing and empowerment. SERV supports survivors through competence and empowerment and provides a safe space for all that encourages recovery and self-care. Our advocates protect the rights of survivors to ensure they are treated with compassion and dignity. Support is offered for the survivor and those close to them through 24/7 hotlines, online chat, crisis intervention, legal advocacy, safe housing, education, and counseling and support groups. All services are free of charge, strictly confidential, culturally sensitive, and bilingual.

If you are in crisis, you can contact an advocate in one of the following ways:

  • Call 1-866-295-7378
  • Chat online using the box in the bottom right corner of this page
  • Send an email to serv@centerffs.org

SERV provides sexual violence services in New Jersey's Camden, Gloucester, and Cumberland Counties; domestic violence services in Gloucester and Cumberland Counties; and human trafficking services in Camden, Cumberland, and Gloucester Counties.