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Home based parenting program to support families referred by DCP&P

In-home family counseling and crisis intervention services for families referred by DCP&P

In home service for families referred by DCP&P with a child with medical needs

4-8 week intensive crisis intervention program for families referred by DCP&P

A free after-school program to support teenage youth referred by DCP&P who are experiencing behavioral issues

Offers counseling to sexually acting out youth who have been referred by DCP&P

Provides supervised visitation for DCP&P referred families to reunify parents with their children in foster care

In-home support to keep children and families safe

Safe housing placement with a caring family for children age newborn to18 referred by DCP&P or ORR

Transitional living program for female youth age 16-20

Transitional structured living program providing assistance to male youth age 16-20

Group home for male youth age 13-18

Emergency shelter and safe housing for youth age 9-18

Long-term safe housing for male youth age 13-17

Emergency shelter and safe housing for youth age 10-18

Substance abuse treatment to support families referred by DCP&P

Safe and supportive housing for young ladies age 16-20

A healing group home offering diagnostic assessment for youth age 13-17

Group sessions for men referred by the courts or DCP&P focused on changing core beliefs about violence

Healing homes for girls age 11-19

Short term safe housing for  youth age 13-17

Program to support male youth age 13-17 experiencing a co-occurring disorder

A family friendly setting offering parenting education and support to parents