About Early Learning

About Early Learning

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Our early learning community includes Early Head Start and Head Start classrooms:

Brings joy to your child's learning
Supports your child's health
Nurtures your child's love of learning
Provides healthy meals for your child
Engages your child in 60 minutes of daily exercise
Gives your child the chance to find success through play
Head Start Preschool Services

Head Start provides comprehensive early childhood education and support services in the areas of health and dental care, nutrition, special education, parent skill workshops, mental health, and social services. Children are provided with a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack each day.Through a comprehensive and integrated approach, Head Start enhances the positive development of children and creates a strong support network for families. Services include:

1. Education: Each Head Start classroom provides a safe and engaging preschool learning environment that supports a young child’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth and development. Children’s individual interests, languages, cultural backgrounds and learning styles are taken into account. Parent/Teacher conferences and other meetings are scheduled throughout the year.
2. Special Education Services: Center For Family Services’ Head Start welcomes children with disabilities, who are given enrollment priority points.
3. Family Services: Each Head Start family is assigned a Family Advocate who will help the family identify strengths, define services and supports needed, set goals, and link families to social services referrals. The family and the Family Advocate work together in a partnership to help the family progress toward achieving and attaining goals and services that support positive development of the child.
4. Family Involvement: Families are involved in many aspects of Head Start including individualized family services, special events, parent trainings, and volunteering. This participation may include serving on a variety of committees such as the parent board known as the Policy Council.
5. Mental Health: Center For Family Services Head Start provides mental wellness activities in the classroom and works with families around their child’s mental health and behavior.
6. Health: We assist families in getting health services for their children as needed. All children are required to have current vaccinations and physical and dental exams, as well as hearing and vision screenings.
7. Nutrition: Children receive nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, and snack. Families are encouraged to participate in menu development, and receive information on how to instill healthy nutrition habits at home.
Head Start Annual Report

Through a comprehensive and integrated approach, Head Start enhances the positive development of children and creates a strong support network for families.