How to Help Get Your Child Ready for School

As parents/primary caregivers, you are your child's first and most important teacher and your home is your child's first and primary learning place. By offering opportunities and support, you can encourage learning for your child.

Helpful Tips

As you plan and prepare activities with your child, keep the following helpful tips in mind:

  • Establish some rules with your children and be consistent about enforcing them.
  • Set limits and be prepared to have them tested.
  • Use eye contact and reasoning to relate positively to your children.
  • Give detailed explanations to questions and explain the meaning of new words when asked.
  • When not sure, say "we will have to check on that one together."
  • Praise your child for their positive behaviors and let them know that they are loved.

Rest Time

Young children benefit from a nap or rest time during a day full of activities. Classrooms with 3-year-olds rest for one and a half hours, while classrooms with 4-year-olds rest for one hour.  Encouraging daily rest time at home will help your child transition into pre-school, plus it will ensure your child is well rested every day!

Toilet Training

Families are encouraged to toilet train children prior to beginning the preschool or pre-kindergarten program. The Mosaic Early Learning program will not exclude children who are not yet toilet trained, though most children of this age are ready. Teachers and parents will work in a communicative partnership to encourage the process at school and home.

Helpful Links

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