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Camden City Early Learning

Camden City Early Learning

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Ready for an exciting year of growth and learning! Enroll your child in Mosaic Early Learning, a free, year-round child development and preschool. Mosaic Early Learning can help your child to advance in all areas of child development. A strong early learning program is proven to prepare your child for the transition to kindergarten and will help your child reach their full potential. Our high-quality early childhood education program offers Head Start services in two convenient locations in Camden City, New Jersey.

Brings joy to your child's learning
Supports your child's health
Nurtures your child's love of learning
Provides healthy meals for your child
Engages your child in 60 minutes of exercise daily
Gives your child a chance to find success through play

Schedule a visit with one of our familiy services advocates so you can get your child off to a head start! Our team looks forward to the opportunity to support your family and to help your child build a strong foundation in early learning. Sign your child up for preschool today and follow the pathway that leads to kindergarten readiness!

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Camden City Locations

Mosaic Early Learning - KCNA Center

7:30 am - 5:30 pm - Extended Day
Phone: 856.408.3016
Fax: 856.379.6144

Mosaic Early Learning - Centerville Center

7:30am-5:30pm - Extended Day
Phone: 856.964.1910