Our Head Start preschool sites are currently closed, but our staff are providing virtual services and meal services to families.



Preschool slots are available for the current school year. Enroll your child today!

Center For Family Services preschool is a free early learning program for families with children preschool age children (ages 3, 4, or 5) that meet the family income eligibility requirements and reside in Camden County, NJ.

Contact us at 856.964.2100 for more information on eligibility.

To qualify for the Head Start preschool program:

  • Family income must be at or below the Federal Poverty Guideline though some exceptions may be made for families moderately over these amounts. These income guidelines can be waived for families with special circumstances who might benefit from placement in Head Start.
  • Children must be at least three years of age to enroll in the CFS Head Start program.
  • Families must reside in Camden City or Camden County.
  • A child must not be eligible for kindergarten at the time of enrollment.
  • Special emphasis is given to four year old children.
  • A child with a disability will receive priority points. 
  • Regardless of any changes in family income, once a child is determined eligible and enrolled in the program, he or she will remain eligible for the program throughout the current year and for a second year, as long as he or she still meets the age requirements.
  • Placement and Waiting Lists  - Children must meet the federal government’s income guidelines.  Eligible children are ranked by income and age and families with the lowest incomes (adjusted for family size) will be assigned the highest ranking and, therefore, served first.  If space is not available for a child, he or she will be placed on a waiting list until space becomes available.  A child who leaves the program may re-apply later in the year and will be placed on the waiting list according to his or her ranking at the date of re-application.

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