A movement to improve the environment in Camden City.

PowerCorps Camden members are a team of young leaders from Camden City and the surrounding area serving to tackle pressing environmental challenges in their community.

If you are a Camden County resident age 18 to 26 and interested in making a difference in your community, consider service as a PowerCorps Camden member.

PowerCorps Camden is recruiting young people to serve full-time in a six month AmeriCorps program to revitalize public land in the city.

PowerCorps members work with city partners to tackle pressing environmental challenges. Projects aim to improve stormwater management, clean and green vacant lots, improve community space and parks for Camden's young people, and revitalize public land in the city. 

PowerCorps Camden, including crew leaders and assistant crew leaders, serves as a system of support and encouragement to help members stay focused and motivated. Upon completion of the six-month term of service, members join the PowerCorps alumni and receive intensive transition support in order to assist with post-secondary education, continuing national service, and/or securing meaningful work in career-related fields.

PowerCorps Camden builds on best practice models and a shared commitment to foster a trained and educated workforce for New Jersey. The PowerCorps Camden program aims to impact the lives and career paths of young people in Camden by facilitating meaningful and tangible opportunities.  

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Hear from PowerCorps Camden members in the video below as they share what the program means to them. 



Program Benefits

PowerCorps Camden members receive the following benefits:

  • Extensive training in water quality, storm water management, green infrastructure, and clean and green initiatives
  • Life skills training
  • A biweekly living allowance 
  • Health Insurance
  • Childcare
  • An Education Award of $2,960 payable to a lender or educational institution following successful completion of six month term of service
  • Forbearance on current student loans during the term of service
  • Transition support following six month service term to assist with post-secondary education, continuing national service, and/or securing meaningful work in career-related fields


Individuals must meet the following member requirements in order to serve as a PowerCorps Camden member:

  • Camden County resident
  • High school diploma or a high school equivalency diploma (GED & HiSET)
  • Age 18-26
  • Be able to serve on a full-time basis for 6 months


Email us for more information about PowerCorps Camden or call 609.315.6942.

Funding & Partners

In partnership with the City of Camden under the National Governor and Mayor’s Initiative, Center For Family Services launched the PowerCorps Camden program in December 2015, with the goals to improve outcomes for opportunity youth and improve green infrastructure in Camden City.

The AmeriCorps PowerCorps Camden program will increase economic opportunity through job training and readiness for 20 young adults each year. Through projects focused on Camden’s green infrastructure network, PowerCorps members will play a key role in maintaining over 53 green infrastructure installations including 20 rain gardens, 10 city and county parks, 400 vacant lots, and 5500 stormwater inlets that comprise Camden City's network. Through knowledge and skills training, PowerCorps Camden will develop the next generation of Camden’s environmental stewards.

The AmeriCorps PowerCorps Camden program is funded through AmeriCorps. Funding partners include the City of Camden, Subaru of America, Truist Foundation the Delaware Riverkeepers Network.

Civic Story Highlighting PowerCorps Camden
Success Stories

A Pillar of Perserverance

Throughout her life, Paige Prado of Camden experienced a number of challenges that caused her to struggle to stay on a positive path. Find out how PowerCorps Camden helped her get on the right track.

Aiming to Inspire

Camden resident ZaQuan "Snupe" Smith was seeking the opportunity to better himself and continue his personal growth. Find out how PowerCorps Camden challenged ZaQuan and helped him earn his nickname "Mr.900".

Embracing the Challange

Elijah Perry found himself in the same position that many young people find themselves today - searching for meaningful employment. With the support of those around him, Elijah was connected with PowerCorps Camden.

Taking the Lead

"PowerCorps Camden was a great opportunity for me to grow, to learn, and to add to my resume. It was hard and there were definitely some trials and tribulations, but it's all a learning process." Find out more about Jaleel's time with PowerCorps and where he is today with the help of the program.