Be Still.

Years ago, there was a food fad called a macrobiotic diet. It no longer exists as it is nutritionally unsound. However, one aspect of the diet remains: eating food from the season. If you followed this diet, you then would eat the food of the season:  spring, you would eat strawberries, lettuce, and berries and summer, what is available, moving through fall produce and finally in winter eating more root vegetables, and grains. While this diet is not recommended, there is some value in considering that seasons affect our emotional state. 

The holidays can be an overwhelming and emotional time of year no matter what you may celebrate. Staying mindful during the holiday season can alleviate stress. For some, the holiday season brings to the surface a variety of challenges. As we adapt back into the world of social gatherings be sure to begin this holiday season with a new sense of mindfulness. Emotions that were locked away may come to life once again, joy, excitement and happiness to name a few, but also anxiousness and stress may also make an appearance.