Workplace Wellness - Mindfulness Tips for the Holidays

Posted on: Tue, 11/16/2021 - 16:32


The holidays can be an overwhelming and emotional time of year no matter what you may celebrate. Staying mindful during the holiday season can alleviate stress. For some, the holiday season brings to the surface a variety of challenges. As we adapt back into the world of social gatherings be sure to begin this holiday season with a new sense of mindfulness. Emotions that were locked away may come to life once again, joy, excitement and happiness to name a few, but also anxiousness and stress may also make an appearance. These mindful holiday tips below are crafted to help you prioritize the good and embrace the joy of the moments to come. Take them with you while you prepare your home for visitors or when attending holiday related events. Whether that be shopping, attending a craft show or play or heading out to a holiday party be sure to bring these tips with you as a gift to yourself and to those around you. Remember that the activities that you participate in are chosen activities and that you choose to be there to experience all that the holidays bring; not everything can go according to plan but when it does embrace the moment and when it does not use the tips below to navigate through the challenge big or small. 


 Here are just a few tips to having a mindful holiday season. 


  1. Let go of judgment - It’s easy to fall into bouts of self-criticism during the holidays. Remember to practice self-compassion and go easy on yourself. Forgive yourself and others. Even if it’s hard to let go of criticism completely, simply notice when it is happening and let those thoughts be without entangling yourself in them.
  2. Reserve time for yourself - Listen to what your body needs each day and above all, get regular sleep. Take time to do relaxing things to help you recharge. Taking care of yourself allows you to be able to be more attentive and calmer when you’re with others during the holidays.
  3. Acknowledge your emotions - Allow yourself to fully feel, explore, and accept your emotions. By being attentive and receptive to your own feelings, you can more easily connect and empathize with others.
  4. Practice gratitude - The holidays are the best time of year to give thanks. Gratitude helps you stay present in the moment and reflect on what brings happiness into your life. Start each morning and finish every night by writing down five things you are grateful for.
  5. Breathe or meditate - If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try taking 5 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. The simple act of being mindful of your breath and taking the time to do so can have a calming effect. Meditating also helps to recenter your mind. Start with this simple 5 minute meditation.