Updates & Resources

Updates & Resources

The coronavirus, COVID-19, continues to be an evolving issue that impacts families, businesses and communities.  Governor Murphy has declared a State of Emergency in New Jersey, and our county and local municipal leaders are working to minimize the spread of the virus.  The health of those in our care, our staff and their families, and the community at large is of the utmost importance. Center For Family Services will continue to operate during this health crisis, and we are taking every precaution in accordance with recommendations from public health officials.  We will continue to provide as many services as possible, with as little disruption as possible in order to safely meet the needs of the families and communities we serve, while supporting efforts and taking steps to minimize the spread of the virus.  

Center For Family Services continues to provide essential services to those in need. Children, teens and moms and their babies are waking up in our care every day, including during this time of uncertainty. Our safe housing and hotline services are fully operational, and we are making adjustments across the board in order to provide continued services across our multitude of programs.  We will continue to be available for you and your family and the community at large, as we have been for the last 100 years.  Our staff are ready to meet your needs, and we are available for you to call us.

We are making calls to those in our care and utilizing video-conferencing, online workshops and social media channels to share information. We are scheduling appointments for new and returning patients through TeleHealth. We recognize this is a challenging time and our team is available to provide support. Center For Family Services exists to meet the needs of children and families, and we will continue to do this during this trying time. 

Below are a number of actions Center For Family Services is taking to minimize the risk of exposure and spread of COVID-19:

  • Staff have been provided with proper handwashing and sanitizing instructions;
  • Social distancing in all of our programs and services whenever and wherever possible;
  • Video-conferencing, online workshops, and conference call meetings whenever and wherever possible;
  • TeleHealth services are available for new and returning patients;
  • Screening protocols for all in our care;
  • Staff are advised not to travel outside of New Jersey or within areas of active Coronavirus COVID-19 cases or that are subject to community isolation or quarantine for personal or professional reasons;
  • All staff who show any symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever, etc.) are not to come to work;
  • Center For Family Services will continue briefing all staff on the nature and symptoms of COVID-19 and best practices to avoid getting or spreading the disease;
  • Staff are working remotely where possible.

This is an ever-changing situation. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Center For Family Services’ Access team at 877.922.2377 if you have any questions or needs. Our team is available Monday to Thursday between the hours of 9am-7pm or Friday between the hours of 9am-4pm.

We wish everyone in our community well as we manage this challenging time together. 



Info About Your Services

We are here to provide you with the services you need. Our goal is to safely meet your needs, while supporting efforts and taking steps to minimize the spread of the virus. We implemented a number of protocols across all programming to minimize the spread of the virus and to keep individuals, children, families, and our staff safe:

  • Daily discussions that include, but are not limited to, proper handwashing, social distancing, and overall tips on how to avoid exposure. 
  • Ongoing wipe down of entryways, chairs, tables, and agency vehicles throughout the day by program staff.
  • Group seating has been, and will continue to be, spaced out.  
  • Our staff has been and will continue to be aware of of “high risk/medically compromised” participants, and will take steps to address these special need situations.
  • Individuals in our care are asked to stay home if feeling sick and to call the program.  For those clients that do not come to program, direct care workers will make outreach calls to them to conduct a check-in.  Anyone reporting feeling ill will be given direction to contact by phone their primary care provider, local hospital, and/or DOH hotline.
  • Staff are asked to stay home if they are feeling sick.
  • Communications will be posted at the front doors of all of our locations with screening questions to reduce the traffic flow from people walking into the agency.  The signs will include directions that if a person would answer yes to any of the questions, they should not enter the premises and should call the front desk for direction.  When they call the front desk, directions will be given to call their primary care physician, local hospital, and/or DOH hotline. Flyers have been created that have contact numbers to local medical resources for the COVID-19 virus.  

If you have an appointment with us, you will receive a call from our clinical team, and our staff will ask you the following prescreening questions, as required by the State of New Jersey’s Department of Children and Families.  

1. In the last 30 days, have you or anyone in your household traveled to a country for which the CDC has issued a Level 2 or Level 3 travel designation (CDC Travel Health Notices)?             □ Yes            □ No

2. Have you or anyone in your household come into contact with any person under investigation for exposure to the COVID-19 Coronavirus (high-risk and medium-risk under the NJ Department of Health guidelines Risk Assessment Algorithm), or anyone with known COVID-19?   □ Yes         □ No

3. Do you have any symptoms of respiratory infection (e.g. cough, sore throat, fever, or shortness of breath?)          □ Yes            □ No

On the day of your appointment, you will be asked the same questions.

TeleHealth is Available

If you or someone you care about needs help dealing with life's challenges, Center For Family Services is ready to help. Through TeleHealth services, our team is ready to provide you with the support you need.

It's easy to make an appointment. Call Access to schedule your TeleHealth appointment for counseling, therapeutic and psychiatric services.  Now scheduling appointments for new and returning patients.

Call our Access Line at 1.877.922.2377. The Access Line is available during the hours of Monday-Thursday 9am to 8pm or Friday 9am to 4pm or email access@centerffs.org.

Status of Programming

Youth and Adult Residential
Our safe and supportive housing services for children, teens, and moms and their babies are fully operational.

Head Start Preschool
Our Head Start Preschools are closed at this time.

Family Success Centers and Outreach Centers
Our Family Success Centers are closed at this time. However, our staff are available to speak with you by phone, and we will be providing virtual activities shortly. Please check our Family Success Center calendars and social media pages for updates.

Sexual Violence, Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking
Our 24/7 crisis intervention services are fully operational. If you are in need of help call 1.866.295.7378.

Our hotlines are fully operational. 

Addiction/Recovery Services
All clinical services are available via TeleHealth. Call 877-922-2377 to schedule a TeleHealth appointment.

Living Proof Recovery Center
Living Proof Recovery Center remains open for scheduled appointments only. Staff are available to speak with you by phone on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 10am-7pm.  Online meetings are being arranged.

Counseling/Behavioral Health
All clinical services are available via TeleHealth. Call 877-922-2377 to schedule a TeleHealth appointment.


Sesame Street in Communities:

Resources For Parents and Caregivers:

Resources to Manage Stress & Anxiety:

Resources for Protecting Yourself & Others

Resources for the Recovery Community

Food Access


Financial Resources

  • Clarifi - Assistance with emergency financial planning; coaching for conversations with landlords, lendors and credit card companies; connection to resources; preventing forclosures and evictions.



  • Disaster Distress Helpline - 1-800-985-5990 -  a 24/7, 365-day-a-year, national hotline dedicated to providing immediate crisis counseling for people who are experiencing emotional distress related to any natural or human-caused disaster. Toll-free, multilingual, and confidential crisis support service, available to all residents in the United States and its territories. Stress, anxiety, and other depression-like symptoms are common reactions after a disaster. Call or text TalkWithUs to 66746 to connect with a trained crisis counselor  


Resources by County