COVID-19 Info

COVID-19 Info

The health of those in our care, our staff and their families, and the community at large continues to be a priority at Center For Family Services.

Center For Family Services manages COVID-19 related precautions in accordance with recommendations from public health officials and follows state and federal guidelines in order to maintain a safe workplace for all staff, clients and visitors. 

Guidelines in NJ and across the nation have loosened recently, in line with local and national trends showing a continued reduction in the spread of the coronavirus.  Center For Family Services relaxed our mask mandates as well.  Should cases rise locally, or if there is an increase in cases at a particular site, increased safety protocols will be reinstated as necessary.

Below are a number of safety measures Center For Family Services is taking to minimize the risk of exposure and spread of COVID-19:

1) Staff respect and honor our coworkers and client/participant choices when it comes to mask wearing.
2) Staff are required to wear a mask if they are not fully vaccinated.
3) Staff have been provided proper santitizing and handwashing instructions. All staff are required to wash hands for a minimum of 20 seconds to prevent the spread of germs.
4) Staff are required to stay home if they are sick.
5) If staff are concerned they may have COVID, they are required to stay home from work and get tested.
6) Staff are required to wear a mask if they have been exposed to an infected person.
7) Staff respectfully accept and encourage mask wearing among co-workers who continue to do so.
8) Staff are asked to wear a mask whenever they are in doubt about whether a situation is COVID safe.

Please reach out to Center For Family Services’ Access team at 877.922.2377 for information about our services in New Jersey. The Access Center is available Monday to Thursday between the hours of 9am-7pm or Friday between the hours of 9am-4pm.

For information on available resources in the community:

Community Resources



TeleHealth is Available

If you or someone you care about needs help dealing with life's challenges, Center For Family Services is ready to help. Through TeleHealth services, our team is ready to provide you with the support you need. It's easy to make an appointment. Call our Access Line at 1.877.922.2377 to schedule your TeleHealth appointment for counseling, therapeutic and psychiatric services.  

For more info on TeleHealth Services and to download TeleHealth Services Forms, click the link below.

TeleHealth Services

Status of Programming

Safe and Supportive Housing - Youth and Adult Residential Care
Our safe and supportive housing services for children, teens, and moms and their babies are fully operational.

Mosaic Early Learning - Child Development & Preschool & Head Start Services
Our centers are open and operating virtually and in-person. 

Family Success Centers and Outreach Center
Our Family Success Centers and Family Outreach Center are open by appointment.

Sexual Violence, Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking
Our 24/7 crisis intervention services are fully operational. If you are in need of help call 1.866.295.7378.

Our hotlines are fully operational. 

Addiction/Recovery Services
All clinical services are available for either in-person or via TeleHealth. Call 877-922-2377 to schedule an appointment.

Living Proof Recovery Center
Living Proof Recovery Center is open.

Counseling/Behavioral Health
All clinical services are available for either in-person or via TeleHealth. Call 877-922-2377 to schedule an appointment.

In-Home Services Health
In-home services are being offered both in-person/in-home or via telehealth.