Program Transfer Guidelines for Center For Family Services employees

Center For Family Services is committed to the professional growth of all of our employees.

If you are a current employee at Center For Family Services and are interested in applying to transfer to a new position, please review the information below:

  • An employee must work a minimum of six months in their current position and have successfully completed their orientation period.
  • An employee may request details regarding a position without notifying their immediate supervisor.
  • An employee is required to give their immediate supervisor notice of their interest in the position once an interview is completed and they remain a candidate for the job.
  • Management staff will share information regarding job performance.
  • The hiring supervisor must check with human resources to see if the employee is in good standing, has any outstanding personnel issues or investigations, etc.
  • The supervisor advertising the job will contact the current supervisor upon completion of the interview.
  • An employee must give their immediate supervisor notice of one month.

Before transferring, employees must complete all paperwork requirements of the previous position. The employee's annual evaluation date will change to the date of the start of the new position. Employees are not eligible for an annual increase until one year from the start of the new position (Section 4.30 of Personnel Policies & Procedures).