The Power of Workplace Wellness Committee’s

Posted on: Thu, 02/29/2024 - 10:35
By: Tara Aquila , Public Relations Assistant


Human Resources, Finance, Facilities and various other administrative departments are all a part of the wheel house that make companies successful. Compile those standards with strong leadership and driven employees and you have all the ingredients for a successful, impactful and desirable organization to work for or support!

Another key ingredient that can be found in workplaces across the world today are wellness committees. 

These committees, often times comprised of representatives from various departments, serve as catalysts for positive change, offering a range of benefits that extend far beyond the office walls or for those virtual employees, screens. For example, Center For Family Services’ Wellness Committee members craft a monthly newsletter, organize quarterly challenges and help coordinate two virtual workshops each month. Just being a part of the committee boosts camaraderie and helps to build interpersonal relationships which in turn contributes to overall wellness.

Wellness committees play a crucial role in fostering a sense of community within the organization. The value that a wellness committee brings to an organization cannot be overstated. From promoting employee health and happiness to fostering a sense of community and driving innovation, these committees play a vital role in shaping the success and sustainability of modern workplaces. 

By prioritizing employee well-being, organizations can create environments where individuals thrive, businesses flourish, and everyone wins. Center For Family Services is proud to be one of thousands of organizations that proudly offers wellness initiatives and supports employee participation in the committee and all of the activities the committee offers. 

If your workplace does not have a wellness committee, consider collaborating with a colleague or two to present the idea to your supervisor. 

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