COMMENTARY: All Camden schools can rise//Written by Paymon Rouhanifard//Courier Post

As I head into my third year as superintendent, there are encouraging signs of progress across the Camden City School District: In the last year alone, the graduation rate rose six points, more students attended pre-school than ever before, and students, staff and families all reported feeling safer.

But we need to keep pushing forward. Even though the graduation rate is up, for example, nearly four in 10 high school students are still not graduating on time.

A Child’s Laugh Brings A Smile To Every Face//Written by Ellen Lambert//PSEG

I remember taking my children to the local park while they were growing up and watching them run around, make friends and most importantly, laugh. They had the wonderful opportunity of being able to play in a safe place. Unfortunately, many children growing up in poverty don’t have such opportunities. They don’t have access to safe playgrounds that encourage them to stay active by playing with friends.

$700M development coming to Camden//Written by Phaedra Trethan//Courier Post

CAMDEN Gov. Chris Christie saw Pope Francis address the U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C., Thursday morning as a guest of Rep. Tom MacArthur.

By Thursday afternoon, he was in Camden to join city officials in announcing a major development on the city's waterfront — a $700 million project he called "another concrete commitment from the business community" to help renew the beleaguered city.


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