Your Gift Will Change Lives

Your Gift Will Change Lives

It starts with one. It starts with you.

You can be the one to change a life. Children and teens right here in our local community are in need of your help. They are in need of a safe place to live, and you can help them connect to safety and security.

Your support will change the life of at least one of the more than 200 children in our care.

These children are overcoming complex life circumstances.  But, with your help, they can have a reason to feel hopeful.

Whether a child is homeless as a result of trauma, financial hardship, an abusive relationship, a parent’s addiction, or extreme poverty, the lack of stable living puts the child at risk for physical, psychological, and emotional damage.

You can be the one to change these odds.

Your gift will make it possible for the children, teens, and young adults in our care to find safety and stability.

With your investment, basic needs will be met, the healing process will begin, and opportunities for success will become possible. Your gift will redirect lives and redefine futures.

Your support changes lives.

You can be the one to change a life.

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Tracy found help because of donors like you

Tracy’s childhood was filled with many difficulties. Born to a mother in the depths of alcohol addiction, Tracy entered the foster care system as a newborn. She moved from home to home during her early years. She struggled to succeed in school, and by junior high her self-esteem was extremely low. Her foster mom passed away when she was 13 and that is when Tracy found Center For Family Services.

Center For Family Services was there for Tracy because of donors like you.

“Everything changed for me when I met the staff at Center For Family Services. I am thankful for all the support I received.”

Tracy’s outlook became more positive with each passing day. While it was a long road toward healing, and there were setbacks and successes in small increments, Tracy stayed motivated.

She took advantage of every opportunity provided to her, from art classes to physical fitness to leadership opportunities.

During her sophmore year in high school, Tracy’s health deteriorated. After multiple health appointments, Tracy was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. With a blood sugar level of more than 700, our staff brought Tracy to the hospital where she stayed for more than a week. With caring staff by her side, she received life saving services.

Because of you, caring staff were there to help Tracy get back on track once she returned from the hospital. Pure determination helped Tracy move forward. She went on to graduate from high school and pursue certification classes to become a Certified Nurse’s Assistant. She is now working and living on her own.

You are the reason Tracy received received care and support during her teen years. Tracy is where she is today because of donors like you.

Your Help is Needed

There are so many more Tracy’s in need of your help. More than 200 children will call Center For Family Services home tonight.  Each one of them is in need of care and support to heal and thrive.

Read more stories of change.

You can be the one to provide this care and support.

Your gift will:

  • Provide safe housing and ensure basic needs are met.
  • Provide educational outings that broaden horizons.
  • Offer recreational outings that provide the opportunity for fun and joy.
  • Offer activities focused on communication skills, financial literacy, parenting, health, and wellness.
  • Support the healing process through counseling. 
  • Provide access to books, college visits, and specialized trainings.
  • Open the door to educational and employment opportunities.

Without access to these things, some may find it almost impossible to heal from past trauma and identify a pathway out of homelessness. Your investment will provide the chance for someone to pave a new path.

It starts with your gift. You can be the one to make change possible.

Your gift will not only provide safe housing and ensure that basic needs are met, it will also offer educational outings that broaden horizons, activities focused on building life skills, counseling sessions to help with the healing process, and the chance for people of all ages to connect with educational and employment opportunities.

It starts with one. It starts with you.

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