Meet Your Navigator : Pamela Gray

Primary Service Area: Recently unemployed individuals and homeless consumers.

A champion for all consumers, navigator Pamela Gray helps to break down barriers and form meaningful connections for those in need of health insurance.  Pam has served as a Certified Marketplace Navigator for three years and credits the Center for Family Services’ Navigator Exchange Program for being the “most rewarding job” she has ever had.  From libraries to homeless shelters, addiction recovery centers to probation offices, Pam makes significant efforts to meet the consumers where they are and build the trust necessary to serve some of Burlington and Camden counties’ most vulnerable individuals and families.  Pam has found success in ensuring that eligible consumers are enrolled in quality health coverage plans that meet their needs. 

In a time of wavering economic stability, many individuals can find themselves in the crossroads of unemployment facing a loss of healthcare coverage.  Pam serves numerous unemployed individuals, some who are between the ages of 50 and 65, many of whom have pre-existing conditions and are finding themselves uninsured for the first time.  “I am able to relate because I have been there,” says Pam, “it can happen to anybody at any time.”  It is from this place of understanding that Pam is able to connect with her consumers on a personal level and assist them with all of their concerns and needs.  Many of the consumers that Pam assists are pleasantly surprised with the affordability of their coverage options, “It’s rewarding to see the stress melt away when consumers get insurance,” says Pam.  With the Affordable Care Act, many individuals, particularly those with chronic conditions, are now able to access the healthcare that they need.

Since Pam serves consumers from many different walks of life, her advice for best practice among different audiences is simple, yet effective, “Listen. Keep an open mind, and hear what the consumers are saying.”  Pam emphasizes the importance of building trust by putting the consumers at ease and treating every individual, “like you would want to be treated.”  The appreciation that she receives from the grateful consumers she serves is what keeps Pam motivated to continue her work as a Navigator