Joey, Jessie, & Noah

Joey, Jessie, & Noah


Each day we wake up with the hope that this will be the day our family grows by one more! Just over two years ago, we became parents for the first time through Adoption and our lives have been filled with nothing but joy and happiness! Now, with three times the love to share and arms open wide, we pray that today is the day we are blessed once again.

Although the wait may not always be easy, we know it is worth every second. It is through your love and strength that our dream may come true once more and we cannot begin to know what you will go through when making such a decision, but we truly admire you and your selflessness. You are forever in our hearts.

We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us and we hope you enjoy our story!

Love and blessings always!

Our Story

We met many years ago in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where we both attended The University of Pittsburgh, but during different years. After years of knowing one another and becoming friends, we began dating in 2006 and you could say the rest is history!! After 8 years together and a big move to New Jersey, we were happily married in May 2014. Soon after being married we knew we wanted to start our family and it was through a long, emotional journey that we adopted our son, Noah, who is now 2 and the love of our lives! We are unable to have biological children and for us God had another plan to start our family, adoption. We also have two cats, Chloe and Emma, who adore Noah and are sweet and playful. We both come from large families who are so supportive  in all that we do and who have instilled in us our faith and morals, which we will continue to share with our children.

Our Home

When you walk through our front door, you are welcomed by a family room full of toys and great fun! You then continue into the dining room and kitchen, also both toy filled, and often times full of family and friends. Our home has five bedrooms and two full bathrooms throughout its three floors. The town we live in is full of history and tons of things to do all within walking distance…playgrounds, a waterfront, the library, local shops, restaurants, and many churches just to name a few.  

About Us

Meet Joey

A hard working and dedicated dad who puts his family and faith first and foremost!

I enjoy working in the field of Information Technology (IT), but have always had a passion for acting…I can even be seen in a couple Hollywood movies!!  Some of my favorite things to do are spending time with my family, cooking, listening to music, and going on new adventures.  I really enjoy Mexican, Chinese, and Mediterranean food…and I’m a fan of dark chocolate!

I love being a dad and everything that comes along with it and I cannot wait to welcome another baby into our lives!

Meet Jessie 

A full time Stay at Home Mom who loves every minute of the day!

I love spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, especially the beach, cooking, making chocolate covered pretzels, and planning events. (I worked as event planner before becoming a mom). I love Mexican food with Italian coming in at a close second! 

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my family and I cannot wait to grow our bunch by one more!

Meet Noah

A happy go lucky two year old! Noah is a fun, happy, adventurous, smart, and friendly little guy who has a great love for trains and dinosaurs!! His favorite foods are berries, chicken tenders, fries, and pizza!! Noah cannot wait to become a big brother and meet his new best friend!  

Adoption Pledge: 

We promise to love you unconditionally. 

We will protect you always. 

We will give you a place to call home. 

We will laugh together every day. 

We will support your dreams and encourage your imagination. 

We will guide you through any and all challenges you shall face. 

We will make sure you always know that you came into our lives through the love and selflessness of your birth parents.