Impact Quotes

Impact Quotes

Our services change lives. Thanks to the important services offered by Family Intervention Services, a Division of Center For Family Services, New Jersey families have a place to turn for help and support.

These quotes are shared by the children and families in our care.

"You are an angel sent to help and the first person to understand our feelings and not place blame.”

"The stories from the facilitators in the Mending Arts group are so dynamic; it keeps my interest and holds the kids' interest. The creative activities help me and my granddaughter interact in a different way. The structure helps me keep structure at home. I’ve gained insight to see another side of my granddaughter - she tells her teachers, ‘My nanny and I do storytelling’. It’s something we own together."

“Our family appreciates our FIS worker so much. She has always been compassionate, fair and professional. Most importantly my son loves her! He hugs her and includes her in activities as if she were family. During this stressful time it has been comforting to know someone of her caliber has been there for him.” 

“We are happy to have participated in this FIS program and would recommend it to any family in need. Our FIS worker was one of our major advocates and opened communication tremendously between us and the State Agency!”

“Does everyone know how great of an agency FIS is? None of the other agencies we went to compare to the support and caring we got from FIS.”

“Our staff worker was very close to us the whole time. She would listen and interact with a respectful, gentle manner. She put effort in providing us with what we needed and tips to improve the family dynamic. She made difficult times more manageable. She is the best thing that happened to us, as she helped us come out of the crisis. No other service could have been better.”

"Your FIS staff was able to provide solid insight and cared so much about ensuring that both my child AND family were connected to other appropriate services. She even teamed with other departments on behalf of my family. She was a breath of fresh air and very much appreciated."

 “Your team has an approach that makes parents feel more help then harm when it comes to facing big hurdles and we are very grateful to feel like we are not alone and have support. Your efforts are above and beyond in helping us achieve our goal and we couldn't be more thankful to be working with you all…”  

“Omg you made me cry .... not for nothing, but you are a blessing... I am sooo thankful for your organization and how you got it all done ... over the 8 years I have been around different organizations and problems we have had, you have really helped me take a huge burden off my husband's life ... thank you sooo sooo much.”  

“On behalf of my family, we want to express our thanks for your help with many things for our new home. My children were filled with big emotions to move to our new place; with your donations, they are very happy and we give thanks to God that there are still people with hearts so good, who help people like us. Because of your help, we received everything we needed. May God bless each one of you.”