Your Gift Reunites Children with Family

Your Gift Reunites Children with Family

Your help is needed. Join the movement to reunite children with their family.

With your support, Center For Family Services offers life-changing services
for children seeking asylum in the United States. 

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Because of you, children can find comfort and care when they need it most.

Center For Family Services has a 40 year history providing shelter for children in need of a safe place to live. In the last year, Center For Family Services expanded our housing services to provide safety to vulnerable children who crossed the southern border into the United States.

Most of these boys and girls entered our country in search of safety and a better life. They traveled many miles, fleeing violence, abuse, trauma, and neglect.

Center For Family Services provides a safe home for these children.

We have accomplished much in the last year. Brothers and sisters have reunited. Moms and their babies have found safety. Sibling groups have remained together, and children have been reunited with their families.

Our work is trauma informed. This means that we fully understand that these children have had tremendously difficult experiences before coming to us. We emphasize physical, psychological and emotional safety and help each child rebuild a sense of control in their lives.

Our welcoming home environment supports the healing process. Each child is linked with a caring and highly trained bi-lingual caseworker upon arrival. They are offered a warm meal, new clothes, and a shower. Within the first few days, children receive a medical examination and appropriate vaccinations. Children are fully informed of the services they will receive while with us and of their rights.

Caseworkers immediately initiate the reunification process. Services are focused on the specific needs of each individual child and include comprehensive assessments, case management, therapeutic counseling, education, recreation, court accompaniment, and assistance with locating an eligible sponsor or family member.

You support is needed to keep families together.

You can play a role in this important work. You can help children to heal and plan for a safe future.

Your gift will keeps kids safe, reunite families, and keep families together.

We are grateful for the many donations we have received in the past week. Thank you to all of you who are involved in this important effort. There is an urgent need for additional support.

If you would like to join this movement, click here to make your donation:

Thank you for your interest in helping children to heal and make plans for a safe future.

Together we can continue to do the right thing for children in need of care. Your support sends the message that there is nothing more important than extending a helping hand to a child in need.

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