Your Help is Needed

Your Help is Needed

It starts with one. It starts with you.

You can be the one to change a life this holiday season.
A child right here in your community is in need of a safe place to sleep tonight. You can be the one to connect the child to safety and security. 
Whether a child needs emergency shelter because of the loss of a parent or as a result of violence, neglect, a family member's addiction, or other traumatic circumstances, the lack of a safe place to live puts a child at risk for long-term physical, psychological, and emotional harm. 
Your help is needed to change these odds. Your gift will help a child find safety and stability. With your investment, basic needs will be met, the healint process will begin and opportunities for success will become possible. You can redirect a life and redefine a future.
With your gift, you can help a child like Jonathan.
Jonathan was just 12 years old when he lost his mother to an overdose. He needed a safe place to stay until he could live in the care of his grandmother. Because of your gift, emergency housing and grief counseling were available for Jonathan. Your gift helped Jonathan get through traumatic circumstances.  
"I want a better future for myself, but I know I still need help to get there," shared Jonathan, now age 16 and still living with this grandmother. 

You can be the one to provide help

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Your Help is Needed

There is a child like Jonathan going to sleep in an emergency shelter tonight and in need of help. You can be the one to provide support when it is needed most.

Your gift will help a child with:

  • emergency shelter and the transition to a safe long-term home;
  • counseling to address grief and traumatic loss and support a path to healing;
  • educational outings that broaden horizons;
  • recreational outings that provide the opportunity for fun and joy;
  • activities focused on communication skills, financial literacy, health, and wellness;
  • driver's education on-road training;
  • books, college visits, specialized trainings, and educational opportunities.

Without your help, a child may find it almost impossible to heal from past grief and traumatic life experiences. Your investment changes the odds. You can support a child's path to a safe and stable future. 

It starts with your gift.

You can be the one to make change possible.

Your gift will not only provide safe housing and ensure that basic needs are met, it will also offer educational outings that broaden horizons, activities focused on building life skills, counseling sessions to help with the healing process, and the chance for people of all ages to connect with educational and employment opportunities.

It starts with one. It starts with you.

Stories of change, because of you.

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