Rutgers - Camden Opens Kite + Key Tech Store

Rutgers - Camden Opens Kite + Key Tech Store

This past Wednesday, January 30th, 2019; Rutgers - Camden officially opened their Kite + Key tech store. The Camden location was the last to open out of the three stores located on each Rutgers campus. Kite + Key is Rutgers owned and operated as well as Apple authorized. They sell eletronics and accesories to Rutgers students at a discounted student rate and then tack on their own Rutgers discounts and promotions. 

The store is named Kite + Key after Benjamin Franklin's lighting experiment which happened in 1752. The name symbolizes tradition and innovation, which Rutgers prides itself on. Some of the services they offer are tech repairs, cell phone plans, trade-ins, financing and price matching. A customer could fill out a slip online, bring their tech item in and have it repaired and ready for pick up all by the end of the day. 

Although, the store is geared towards students, faculty and alumni; it is open to the Camden community! During the grand opening, the manager and student workers were all willing to answer questions and had no problem approaching people to ask if they had any questions. 

Kite + Key enhances Rutgers and Camden city by bringing a high end tech store to those who do not have the means to make it to a store outside of Camden. While at the store guest could also stop by Starbucks, grab a bite to eat at the Gateway Cafe and just explore what else Rutgers has to offer.

Check out Kite + Key website