The Value of Mentoring

Posted on: Tue, 12/19/2023 - 10:50
By: Jennifer DeSimone-Jewell , Development and Public Relations Specialist


Think back to when you were young. Would you be where you are today without the support of a mentor or role model? As a mentor, you have the ability to inspire a young person, show them that someone cares about them, and advise them through life’s challenges. It’s an opportunity to leave a lifelong impact on youth in need. Supportive, stable, and consistent relationships are critical in order for all young people to thrive. With your guidance, your mentee will experience a world that is bigger than what they know. You have the power to help them realize their full potential.

Mentoring has countless benefits on mentees. Youth with mentors are more likely to have healthier relationships, enhanced self-confidence, and stronger college and career aspirations. Mentoring also plays a major role in youth mental health including reducing depressive symptoms, increasing resiliency skills, and helping to build a sense of belonging. Your encouragement today can positively influence your mentee’s tomorrow. 

Becoming a mentor is a life changing experience for everyone involved. For mentors, the relationship you have with your youth mentee can help you build leadership and management skills, expand your professional network, and provide an empowering opportunity to give back to the community. On a more personal level, mentoring can create a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in your life. Just as it does with mentees, mentors also experience improved interpersonal skills and self esteem when working with youth. One of the biggest changes mentors have shared is a newfound understanding about the difficulties youth face and how those issues can follow them into adulthood. That perspective also gives them a new appreciation for the advantages they’ve had in their own life and sparks a desire to bring about the kind of societal change that can truly help the youth they mentor. 

The LifeTies mentoring program pairs youth with trained volunteer mentors in order to provide youth with the presence of caring adults and the support they need to navigate their way to a safe and healthy future. Mentors are matched with mentees based on common interests, and both individual and group mentoring options are available. As a mentor, you may take part in social and recreational activities, job shadowing, and career path exploration with your mentee. 

To become a LifeTies mentor, you must be at least 21 years of age, able to pass all background clearances, and complete a comprehensive volunteer mentor training. Mentors must make a 12 month commitment to work with youth and a minimum of 4 hours per month. All mentors will receive a pre-service orientation and ongoing support throughout your mentorship. Mentoring opportunities vary by region. 


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