Chris and Rachel

Chris and Rachel


We are Rachel and Chris. We have great admiration for your consideration of adoption for your child. We hope you will consider us as potential parents for your child. It is our wish that as you get to know us, you will see that we have an abundance of love and patience to give.

Our Story

We met in college and married in 2014. We have spent over 13 happy years together. We consider each other our soul mates. We have a deep love for each other and a strong foundation of trust, respect, intimacy, and support. Shared adventure is a cornerstone of our relationship and has brought us around the globe. Some of our favorite memories are camping, kayaking, hiking, picnicking, and exploring museums – all activities we cannot wait to share with our future child. We believe that life should be lived to the fullest, and we have done our best to utilize every opportunity to seek enjoyment, fulfillment, and connection.


Our Home

We live in a comfortable 4-bedroom home in a suburban neighborhood. Our house has a big fenced in yard with space to put in a swing-set. We live in a top-rated school district, which we sought out as we highly value education. Our neighborhood has many other children. We also have several great playgrounds, parks, and trails within walking distance that we are excited to explore with our future child. We also live 20 minutes from a city for regular access to cultural experiences like museums and theater.


About Us

Chris is one of the kindest and most intelligent people I know. Chris is an avid reader and has a massive book collection; there is no doubt that he will dedicate a tremendous amount of time to reading to our future little one. Chris, who works as a social worker, possesses a great deal of empathy and respect for all humankind. He is able to hone in on someone’s strengths and deepen their sense of self-confidence. He already shows incredible love and affection in his relationship with his niece. Chris has a creative and artsy side, with a natural skill in fine arts. I can see this translating to many future art projects. Chris is also just undeniably funny. We spend so much time being silly and laughing – we tease that he is already perfecting his “dad jokes.” I see him as the dad who will tear up with pride at every event, big or small, for sheer wonder at how beautiful fatherhood can truly be. 


Rachel is the most wonderful human I have ever met.  She loves love and one of her greatest joys is bringing people together.  She is earnest, honest, brave, and intellectually curious, with a great sense of humor.  As a psychologist, Rachel is a fearless communicator and looks to forge and deepen connections with other people.  She has a knack for bringing out the best in you.  Rachel is an adventurous explorer who sees the world for its wonders, and I have no doubt that she will guide our family through many wonderful journeys. Rachel connects with children and spent years working as a nanny. Creative games, songs, and outdoor activities are things she excels at concocting.  She will treat our child with respect for their independence, intelligence, and creativity while being their biggest cheerleader. 


Adoption Pledge: 

Our values include putting family before all else, being compassionate to yourself and others, giving generously, and investing in our experiences. We promise, if given the incredible opportunity to become parents, that our future child will live a life filled with love, family, joy, adventure, opportunity, and acceptance.