A Shining Example

A Shining Example

I want to help the community, uplift people, and see the city continue to grow.

While enrolled in Adult Basic Skills Classes at Camden County College, Anthony was encouraged by a teacher to learn more about the Camden Corps Plus program. Recognizing Anthony’s work ethic, as well as his desire to better himself, administrators thought that Anthony would be a perfect fit for the program, an initiative designed to connect Camden City youth with educational and employment opportunities.

“Camden Corps Plus is much different than the rest”, says Anthony who has been involved in other GED-focused courses. “The small class size allows for more individualized instruction and enriching activities.”

Anthony’s fondness for the program also comes from the fact that participants are placed on an accelerated educational and career pathway. Furthermore, Camden Corps Plus provides training opportunities in an assortment of fields that cater to a wide array of interests, including health sciences, technology, and manufacturing.

When speaking on what the program has meant to him, Anthony said that he sees Camden Corps Plus as his “best opportunity to receive a diploma and transition into a field that suits his interests.” Having already completed the requirements for his high school diploma, Anthony now has his sights set on college, where he plans to major in biotech engineering.

“I like creating and experimenting, so I want to strengthen these skills in a way that will allow me to address challenges in medicine, agriculture, and even cell technology. It all just seems like a natural fit,” said Anthony.

Aside from academic and professional pursuits, Anthony often reflects on his Camden Corps Plus experience as one that has allowed him to learn a lot about himself. While he has “a lot of skills that can be used,” he seems to be most proud of his mentoring abilities.

Involved with multiple community engagement initiatives, including a youth basketball clinic that he assists with, Anthony believes his energetic personality and overall passion for giving back lends to his ability to mentor and inspire children.

“I think it’s very important for youth to have role models because no matter how old you are, there’s always someone older that you’re looking up to.” Children need positive people in their lives that can help develop their skills.”

Anthony doesn’t just help those younger than him, but he also has a knack for motivating his peers. Regularly searching for ways in which he can provide positive impact, he simply “finds enjoyment in making others happy.”

“It’s basic nature to me,” says Anthony. Going that extra mile – it’s just what I’ve been taught as I’ve grown up.”

Anthony hopes to inspire others in Camden City to go the extra mile. Thinking on the future, the “star of Camden Corps Plus,” as labeled by instructors and fellow members, looks forward to playing a role in Camden’s revitalization. “I want to help the community, uplift people, and see the city continue to grow.”