A Resilient Leader

A Resilient Leader

Faith is the start of a new beginning for me. It has been life changing

16 year old Tiara had come to a crossroad in her life

Tiara’s childhood and early teen years were filled with many difficulties and this affected her outlook on life and her ability to envision a positive future.

After the passing of her aunt, her guardian, Tiara found herself in and out of group homes and emergency shelters. No program was able to help her get back on the right path.

That is until she met the director of Center For Family Services’ Faith program, Tina Johnson.  Tiara was connected with FAITH after a stay at Together Youth Shelter, an emergency shelter program at Center For Family Services.

“Miss Tina is the best. If it wasn’t for her, my life would still be going downhill,” recalls Tiara. “She was placed in my life to encourage me not to give up. She has an amazing heart.”

Tina and her staff of highly trained counselors provide each girl living at Faith with the support and encouragement to set goals for themselves and reach them.

“Faith is the start of a new beginning for me. It has been life changing,” reflects Tiara who after a year at the program will be moving on to a foster home in June 2016.

During her year at Faith, Tiara also “learned to see the world in a different way” while receiving educational assistance, life skills training, and in her own words “discovering how to be a better person.”

She also took a leadership role by becoming Center For Family Services’ Youth Advisory Board Secretary. In her position, she attended bi-weekly meetings with other youth living at Center For Family Services to discuss ways to improve residential living and to plan volunteer events and educational activities for her peers.

“I learned that I can do it, I can do anything. I don’t have to give up anymore”

After high school, Tiara hopes to get a degree in social work. “I want to be able to help others,” says Tiara. “I believe everything I went through was so I could help other people someday.”