The Promise of a Better Life

The Promise of a Better Life

PALS has taught me that I'm stronger and braver than I thought.

The decade of abuse from her husband was starting to take a toll on Rebecca and her two children, Joe and Sarah.

For years Rebecca did as she was commanded to do. She became a prisoner in her own home.

“My husband was unrelenting,” recalls Rebecca.

When the environment became too much for Rebecca she escaped, with her children. Shortly after she discovered PALS.

Rebecca came to PALS feeling numb, lost, and scared.  

“When I first enrolled in the program I was very scared for my life.”

PALS is a comprehensive creative art therapy program for children who have been exposed to domestic violence and their non-offending parent. Through therapy, art, play, music, and dance PALS aims to reduce the impact of domestic violence and to improve children and family functioning and well-being.

“The things that we have learned together at PALS have brought me and my children together. Our entire family dynamic has changed.”  

Throughout the 9 months Rebecca and her family spent at PALS they were truly transformed not just as a family but as individuals.

The art, music and dance incorporated into each therapeutic session has provided Rebecca and her family with the tools necessary to reduce and manage stress, communicate with each other, build trusting relationships, and cope with the anxieties brought on by their trauma.   

Now, Joe can sleep through the night because he’s learned stress reducing techniques. Sarah has learned to accept new people into her life and form new relationships. Rebecca gained confidence and learned assertiveness skills.

“PALS has taught me that I am stronger and braver than I thought. I have learned that there is more to life than the trauma me and children have been through and that there is so much happiness ahead for us.”