A Path to Success

A Path to Success

Just because you're asking for help doesn't mean you're helpless

Michael Evans is determined. Life has thrown a series of curveballs his way and each time he’s bounced back stronger and smarter than before. Now, thanks to you, he’s on a successful career path.

Michael first entered Center For Family Services through our Safe & Supportive Housing programs when he found himself in need of a safe place to live. He thrived in the program as he healed and grew from the complex life circumstances he’d experienced. He also gained the courage to pursue education when he enrolled at Lincoln Tech.

As Michael put it “I wanted to have some skills to my name. I wanted to create options for myself”. After nearly two years in the accelerated program, Michael graduated from Lincoln Tech with a certificate in Automotive Technology Training. But that wasn’t enough for Michael. He wanted to continue to learn, grow, and create opportunities for himself.

Soon after graduating, Michael was accepted into Center For Family Services’ PowerCorps Camden program where for six months he and other members worked to tackle pressing environmental challenges in Camden City. Michael and his peers set out to improve storm water management, clean and green vacant lots, improve community space and parks, and revitalize public land. He also learned valuable skills in leadership, teamwork, and professional development.

After completing PowerCorps Camden in May 2019, Michael utilized the skills he worked so hard to gain to land a full-time job in construction with the Michaels Organization.

Thanks to your support, opportunities such as Lincoln Tech and PowerCorps Camden were available to Michael. Because of you, he was given the chance to explore his interests and work hard to obtain his goals. Thank you for being part of Michaels journey to independence and success!