Motivated by Motherhood - A Journey of Recovery

Motivated by Motherhood - A Journey of Recovery

Center For Family Services’ staff saw a light in me that I thought had burned out

Recovery is motivated by something unique and personal for everyone experiencing addiction. For Amanda, her daughter gave her the spark she needed to begin her recovery journey.

“By making me a mother, she gave me a purpose in life. She was born at the lowest rock bottom I have ever been in,” recalls Amanda. “If it weren’t for my daughter, I do not know where my path would have taken me.”

Like many, Amanda felt alone in her addiction.

“Very few people knew that I was even in active addiction, this fueled my denial to an extreme level. I felt as though I was living a double life.” The struggle to keep appearances up and maintain her addiction led Amanda to become so entangled in a web of lies she could no longer keep track of her life.

In 2017, Amanda’s path toward recovery brought her to Center For Family Services, where she was introduced to Family First, an outpatient substance use treatment program for women. During her time with Family First, the father of Amanda’s daughter passed away from an accidental overdose. She then committed to attending overdose loss support meetings at Center For Family Services’ Living Proof Recovery Center and continued onto STAR, a long-term recovery program, where she worked to regain stability in her life.

“The various programs I participated in at Center For Family Services became a safe haven and my main source of support,” reflects Amanda. “The counselors and case workers listened without judgement and made me feel like I was worthy and deserving of another chance at life and being a new mom.”

Amanda’s case worker within STAR informed her of Center For Family Services’ RecoveryCorps, an AmeriCorps direct service program whose members provide peer support to people considering or currently in recovery. Her journey came full circle when she served in the very first RecoveryCorps cohort and successfully graduated from the program.

Amanda now works as a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist at Living Proof Recovery Center, and is currently studying for her Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor certification. She hopes to obtain a Master’s degree in human services and remains motivated to provide the best possible future for her daughter.

“Center For Family Services’ staff saw a light in me that I thought had burned out. They saw my potential, and I am finally able to start embracing it!”