Motivated by Motherhood

Motivated by Motherhood

My daughter keeps me calm. She’s my motivation

The sounds of love and joy were evident in Egypt Thompson’s voice. It could only be muffled by the coos of her six month old daughter Cleo. She was a new mom devoted to her baby girl.

“Cleo keeps me calm. She’s my motivation”

Egypt and Cleo found Center For Family Services Mother/Child program after they became homeless thanks to a reference from social services.

“I had never lived in a shelter before and honestly didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when I first stepped into Mother/Child,” recalls Egypt.

The welcoming home is filled with apartments providing safe housing for up to 19 new and expectant mothers and their children. The program connects these women with resources to secure permanent housing, employment, education, and more.

Staff at Mother/Child work together with the mothers to identify their goals and strengths and set them up with educational workshops and trainings focused on confidence building, parenting, anger management and financial literacy. On-site childcare is also provided within the program at Mother’s Arms Daycare.

After three months of receiving these supportive services Egypt was on her way to a more independent, focused-driven life.    

Now Egypt and Cleo live in safe and secure apartment they love as she works towards her college degree, with the goal of a career in Business Entrepreneurship.

The part-time employee of Camden Center for Youth Development, where she teaches leadership classes to youth, and full-time mom loves where she’s at in life.

“I’m more mature and focused now. I’m focused on providing Cleo with a better life than I had”.

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