Leading by Example

Leading by Example

Center For Family Services helped me build my future

“It’s been a long journey to get to where I am today,” reflects Della, resident of Center For Family Services. “I’ve been tested a lot and in turn, learned a lot about myself.”

Throughout Della’s young life she has experienced several different living situations since entering the foster care system as a child. She eventually found herself at Center For Family Services after graduating high school.

“I had an attitude when I first moved into Center For Family Services. I was angry and set in my ways,” recalls Della.

Della transitioned through Center For Family Services safe housing continuum of care, first living in a group home and finally moving on to a supportive apartment where she got her first taste of freedom. With the help of staff, she was able to learn how to deal with her past and set goals for her future.

“The adjustment to moving into my own space was a challenge. I had to learn how to handle the freedom I was given but I slowly evolved into the person I am today.”

Slowly and with the help of those around her, Della began to build confidence. She took on a big sister role for other residents living in her program by encouraging them and pushing them to do better. She’s now a self-proclaimed people person.

And now she’s using her people skills to help others.

With help from her counselors, Della began to explore different career opportunities. She finally found her passion in the medical field while taking classes at Allied Health. “I loved working with the patients,” says Della.

In the fall of 2016, Della completed her Certified Nurse’s Assistant license, thanks to funding from the Wyanoke Children's Support Fund. Della is currently applying for jobs in the medical field. She will continue taking classes so she can pursue additional certifications, including phlebotomy. 

“Every time I’ve needed Center For Family Services, even if it was just someone to talk to or to get advice on my future, they’ve helped me. The staff has become like family to me and continue to push me to do better,” says Della. “Center For Family Services helped me build my future.”