Determined to Succeed

Determined to Succeed

Jimmy Moody is a natural leader. He is determined to succeed and to help others succeed.

Following high school graduation, Jimmy was excited to pursue a degree in sociology. He enrolled in West Virginia University - Potomac State College. But, toward the end of his first semester, Jimmy received a call that his mother was ill.

He returned to Camden to take care of his mom and their family home.

"I was asked to grow up real quick and be the man of the house at age 18," Jimmy said.

According to Jimmy, he was not prepared to be the man of the house and assume adult duties and thus made some decisions that he now regrets.

“I made some bad decisions and was incarcerated” Jimmy said. “I was placed on a bracelet and lost all of my freedom. That was a tough thing to deal with while also prepping for fatherhood.”

Recognizing the need to make a change in his life, Jimmy connected with Cure4Camden, a program designed to interrupt conflict and stop the violence throughout the streets of Camden.  This connection led Jimmy to PowerCorps Camden, a workforce development program offered at Center For Family Services.

PowerCorps Camden offers young adults the opportunity to improve their community, build professional knowledge of clean and green initiatives and increase leadership skills.

Jimmy joined PowerCorps Camden’s Cohort 7 on December 3, 2018 and believes it was a life-changing decision.

“PowerCorps has helped me find myself again,” Jimmy shared.

PowerCorps Camden helped Jimmy redirect his energy toward more positive measures and motivated him to do better in his life. Among staff and peers, Jimmy is known as “the king of all work sites”.  He is incredibly passionate about the community and a natural leader.

After graduating from PowerCorps Camden Cohort 7 with honors – the Momentum Award in recognition of his hard work and perseverance during the program and The Zaquan Smith Award in recognition of service beyond the required 900 hours -  Jimmy assumed a leadership role as Assistant Crew Leader for Cohort 8.

“I met a lot of great people, made some great connections and have been given the resources to get back on track and make something of my life,” Jimmy said.

“I want to help people succeed and overcome their obstacles. I want to lead by example”.

By all accounts, Jimmy is positioned to lead by example.

“I had a setback a couple of years ago, but now I am back on track,” Jimmy said. “I have a new voice, new outlook on life. I want to do better and help others do better and I believe the sky is the limit.”