Building A Strong Foundation for Family

Building A Strong Foundation for Family

This program helped me become a great mother and I feel good about being a positive role model for my three children.

Millisha was determined to provide for her family and be a positive role model for her three children. As a young mother without any work experience, the Center’s Camden County TANF Initiative for Parents (TIP) program provided Millisha with the opportunity and support to set her family’s future on a positive path.

TIP provides parenting skills, education, and welfare-to-work support to expectant women and new mothers with a baby under the age of one. Program goals include providing the tools, education, and community resources to stabilize families, ensure the safety and well-being of children, and promote self-sufficiency.

The TIP program is an important component in CFS ’pipeline of comprehensive services that keep children and families safe and healthy. Moms are taught real-life parenting skills in daily workshops with a focus on healthy child development. They also receive support for continuing education and gaining employment.

For moms like Millisha, the program provides the individualized help they need most, either in their homes, in
the community, or both. These varied program options allow a mom to access the resources and supports she needs to achieve self-sufficiency and to create a better life for herself and her children.

The TIP program connected Millisha to community resources and information, giving her the ability to improve her life. Millisha gained a better understanding of her parenting responsibilities. She attended workshops on budgeting,
nutrition, job interview skills, and goal-setting.

TIP Counselors encouraged Millisha to complete her Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) training. “The counselors encouraged me not to hold back. They pushed me to attend the CNA

After graduating from the TIP program, Millisha continued with her CNA coursework. Just days after her studies were complete, she was hired by Medford Care as a Certified Nurse Assistant.

“Now I am employed, and I can provide for my children. We no longer have to depend on other people,” says Millisha. The future is bright for this high-energy mom raising three happy

“Because of Center For Family Services, I am now a role model for other moms. I still visit TIP and talk to the girls in the program. I tell them if they make a plan and strive for it, they will get it.”