An Awakening to Recovery

An Awakening to Recovery

There isn’t a typical story of addiction and recovery, and Neo Kent’s journey is no exception.

Neo calls his recovery “an awakening” that’s come in stages. As a former drug dealer, he was exposed to addiction on both sides of the spectrum.

“When you’re addicted to selling, it’s not always about the money. It’s about the relationships and the different things you have with people you encounter,” recalls Neo.

Eventually, Neo wanted something different for himself and didn’t want to be viewed as an enabler anymore. He didn’t understand how he could tell people to get their lives together, but at the same time “sell them poison.”

Like many others, Neo’s current relationship to recovery is with a loved one struggling with substance use. Watching that loved one spiral into addiction and deal with mental illness at the same time has been difficult.

Serving with Center For Family Services’ RecoveryCorps program has given Neo hope for that loved one.

He stumbled upon RecoveryCorps, an AmeriCorps direct service program whose members provide peer support to people considering or currently in recovery, after seeking assistance for his family and coming into Center For Family Services’ Living Proof Recovery Center after passing by it countless times.

As a RecoveryCorps member, Neo has the opportunity to help “people realize there’s fun in the rawness of life” and show them the difference between what he calls “living and existing”. His fellow members have become a family to him and Living Proof Recovery Center a home where he can use his skills to problem solve.

Even if it’s one person, Neo hopes his professional work can produce long term changes in people’s lives. As someone in a unique type of recovery, Neo keeps one thing in mind.

“Today I’m answering the phone for those in need, but tomorrow I could easily be calling.”