Smooth moves and spectacular moments from the Dancing with the Gloucester County Stars finale

Smooth moves and spectacular moments from the Dancing with the Gloucester County Stars finale

South Jersey Times - Kelly Roncace
Friday, September 25, 2015

There were death spirals, risky lifts, and special guests at this year's Dancing with the Gloucester County Stars finale Thursday night at Auletto's Catering in Deptford.

This was the 10th season for the Greater Woodbury Chamber of Commerce fundraising event, and the stars shined both on the dance floor and off.

All six celebrities raised thousands of dollars for their respective charities, for a total of $161, 670, bringing the total over 10 years to $1,578,000.

Here are some of the highlights from this year's finale.

The Dancers

Every year, local community leaders put on their dancing shoes and hit the floor with a professional who teaches them the basics — and more — of ballroom dancing.

Dr. Mark Magazu, veterinarian and owner of Swedesboro Animal Hospital, and his partner Krystal Bradley entered the floor in black and red sequins, and  broke into a high-energy disco-inspired routine to Donna Summer's "Last Dance."

The crowd went wild when Magazu glided across the floor doing the moonwalk, but the cheers blew the roof off when he dropped Bradley into a perfect death spiral.

Not to be shown up, Dr, Monica Scott, a physical therapist in Woodbury, and her partner Rene' Oscar began their performance with an elegant foxtrot. But after removing her flowing skirt to reveal pink sparkly pants, they also went disco complete with the grapevine.

Dr. Keisha Tomlinson, veterinarian and owner of West Deptford Animal Hospital, and her partner Jonathan Cabrera showed off fast and fancy footwork to "Fireball."

Their dance ended with Tomlinson in a hard drop pose, showing her ability as a dancer.

Anthony Chiesa, a retired DuPont employee who is now manager at the N.J. Department of Labor and Workforce Development, performed the only lift of the evening when he picked up his partner Alicia Huylebroeck and spun her around.

All the dancers took risks outside their comfort zone and put on an entertaining show.

The Money

While the dancing aspect of the annual event is exciting, both for the dancers and the audience, it's the fundraising portion that does so much good for the community. Check out how much each dancer raised for their charity.

Dr. Keisha Tomlinson - $5,325.36 for Precious Love Fund

Milton Corsey - $16,711.70 for Main Street Woodbury

Dr. Mark Magazu - $25,948.72 for Angels for Animals

Anthony Chiesa - $26,018.21 for Ability Solutions

Christine Robinson - $43,071.87 for Kingsway Learning Center

Dr. Monica Scott - $44,594.58 for The Center for Family Services

Making History

There are two awards given each year at Dancing with the Gloucester County Stars — the Technical Merit award for the dancer whom the judges feel shows the best dancing technique, and the Community Award for the contestant who raises the most money for their charity.

This year, for the first time, the same contestant received both awards.

Dr. Monica Scott, who danced a Foxtrot that transitioned into a fun disco number, was chosen by the judges for the Technical Merit Award, and also raised the most money for her charity and so received the Community Award.

"We've never had the same person win both awards," said event chair Shirley Bierbrunner, as the crowd chanted "Monica. Monica. Monica."

Event MC and Phillies announcer Dan Baker told Scott she "made history tonight."

"This has been an incredible experience," Scott said. "One of the most fun and exciting I've had in my whole entire life. Thank you so very much. It's an honor."

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