Quixote Quest Honored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals

Quixote Quest Honored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals

Teen volunteer group awareded with Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Award
Wednesday, November 14, 2012

PHILADELPHIA-On November 14, 2012 Center For Family Services Quixote Quest program was awarded with The Association of Fundraising Professionals-Greater Philadelphia Chapter Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Group Award. Quixote Quest’s Qrew’s Nest initiative was one of the many deserving fundraisers being honored this year.

Quixote Quest matches teen volunteers with community service activities. High School students receive guidance and support to positively impact their community through a commitment to volunteerism and community. Qrew’s Nest is one of the many community service activities the group supports.

Qrew’s Nest is a community of twenty teens who come together on Saturday afternoon’s during the school year with twenty 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders from Camden City public schools. For an hour each week, the children are encouraged to love reading and experience fun through math games. The effort to strengthen the child’s academics is enhanced by the fact that the teen mentors (the Big’s) form a special relationship with one child (the Little’s)in the second hour of the program through special mentoring moments and reinforcing incentives.  

“The power of this relationship does more than tutor,” says Frank McGough, Program Director of Quixote Quest. “It inspires the children to aspire to greater things.” Quixote Quest teens practice the philosophy of volunteering called “Starfishing”, a style of community service that encourages them to make a difference to one person at a time-by changing the direction of that person’s life or their quality of life. Qrew’s Nest is the perfect reflection of Starfishing.   

But it’s not the just the students from Camden City schools whose lives are being changed-the volunteers are being impacted in ways they never could have imagined. “Quixote Quest was such a huge part of my entire high school experience and my life in general,” says Amanda Mastronardi, Qrew’s Nest Alum who accepted the award on behalf of the group. “It was so refreshing to get to spend time with people who genuinely cared about their communities.  Not only was it an incredible community of dedicated people that supported each other in their mission to bring positive change into the world, but it also opened my eyes to the problems that need to be solved in the world.  I can easily say that Quixote Quest and Qrew's Nest especially, actually helped shape the direction of my life and motivated me to pursue a career in urban education.”

National Philanthropy Day honors truly exceptional volunteers and donors for their work in our community.  Over 600 local leaders will take part in celebrating National Philanthropy Day in Philadelphia to honor the tremendous efforts of the individuals and groups who, through their hard work and dedication, have enhanced philanthropy and communities throughout region.

Celebrated internationally on November 15th, 2012, National Philanthropy Day acknowledges the entire spectrum of services provided by the nonprofit community and recognizes the profound impact that philanthropy has on the fabric of society.     





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