Quixote Quest

Quixote Quest

Quixote Quest provides energetic and dedicated high school teens with the opportunity and the support to invest in community causes - underserved children, abandoned animals, and seniors in need of companionship - directly impacting the lives... of those in need and molding teens... into confident leaders.

Quixote Quest is for all teens who want to make a difference through volunteering. To truly make a difference, volunteers need to be committed to their volunteer service and be willing to invest their time to make a change in the lives of people or animals needing... their help.the support to make a difference in their community through volunteering. Through a unique approach, which bonds young volunteers together in a club atmosphere, QQ exposes teens to positive experiences that affect their view of community service... now and in the future.

Quixote Quest seeks members that have the desire to be dependable volunteers, volunteering once per week, and being an active part the club, attending two evening club gatherings each month with other teens who feel the same way about the importance of community service and helping others.

Quixote Quest maintains strong relationships with community organizations needing quality and committed volunteers. QQ helps each teen member to connect with a good cause, causes focused on urban children, abandoned animals, senior citizens, and those with disabilities, while taking into consideration the time and location of the community service, in order that it fits their schedule and transportation needs.

Members also have the option to join with other Quixote Quest clubs once a month to do a large Group Service Project that benefits an important local, state, national or international cause. Group Service Projects are not mandatory but nearly half the of the members enjoy doing the large service events.

Interested in seeing one of Quixote Quest's volunteer opportunities in action? Check out our video highlighting Qrew's Nest.

Join Quixote Quest

Joining Quixote Quest takes some thought. The teens of the Qrew are committed to the Quixote Quest motto...Deeds Not Words. They put kind thoughts and concerns for others into actions that truly make a difference. If you are a person that is ready to sacrifice two hours per week for a good cause then Quixote Quest wants to talk to you.

We recognize that many teens are asked to perform community service work to qualify for grades, credit, National Honor Society, and better positioning for college acceptances and scholarships. Being a part of Quixote Quest goes far beyond "getting hours". Teens that join the Qrew have a driving passion to help others that is not limited by an hour requirement. They are like an All State Squad of volunteers. They are the best and most dedicated of teen volunteers found anywhere. Does this describe you? Do you have the right stuff to belong?

The first step to being part of Quixote Quest is to check it out. Fill out the Inquiry Form below and our Quixote Quest Director will be in touch to schedule an interview for you and your parent (parent necessary), which will help you gather information about the club and learn about different types of volunteer opportunities that might be available near you.  After your interview and after you discuss your options with your family (remember that time and transportation may affect others in your household), if you are still interested we would love for you to join our great Qrew.

Invest in Quixote Quest

Your gift will help Quixote Quest teens 1) reach more Camden City children with Qrew’s Nest (mentoring and tutoring) 2) reach more children through Qaravana (weekend food packs). 3) Build a culture of philanthropy among teens by offering opporutnities for high school teens to get involved in service learning.

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QQ is not currently accepting applications. Please check back in mid-August for an update.

Because of you!

Thank you to our generous donors and funders who make it possible for our teen volunteers to make a positive impact on the lives of people and animals:

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  • Verint Systems
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  • Competitive Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
  • Brunswick Group
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  • Rutgers University Student Activities Fund
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