About Camden Promise Neighborhood

About Camden Promise Neighborhood

Camden Promise Neighborhood is a place-based, collective impact effort to improve opportunities for children growing up in Camden. The birth to college to career pathway of comprehensive services is designed to increase opportunities for children to reach their full potential. The Camden Promise Neighborhood team is led by Center For Family Services and includes community residents and community based organizations. The team is committed to providing children with access to great schools and strong systems of family and community support.  The Camden Promise Neighborhood is designed to saturate the neighborhood with services to reach children at every age and every stage of development and create a  neighborhood of opportunity where children can follow a pathway to college and career. Through a collective impact approach, Camden Promise Neighborhood offers a results-driven continuum of supports to address education, health, food access, safety and other needs.

The Camden Promise Neighborhood team of partners and providers is invested in:

  • Remaining community-based and focused on local community needs
  • Maximizing educational achievements for children
  • Ensuring that each of the individual programs within the initiative is effective
  • Fostering strong links across programs to ensure smooth transitions and continuous services for families
Mission & Vision

The mission of the Camden Promise Neighborhood is to increase opportunities and improve outcomes for all children, including future generations of children who live in the target area, by working with and supporting parents and children as they focus on success, value education, work hard and go on to obtain college and career opportunities.

The vision of the Camden Promise Neighborhood is to drive efforts, resources and strategies to significantly improve educational and developmental outcomes of the children and youth in the target neighborhood, from birth to college and career, while greatly strengthening the social, communal, and familial infrastructures that support and nurture their success.

Values & Partner Responsibilities

1. All children and families have the potential to be successful.

The Camden Promise Neighborhood partners will be intentional in providing comprehensive services to families in a holistic way. Partners will identify overall family needs at time of intake and refer within the pipeline to ensure all needs are addressed.

2. Solutions will be family-focused, culturally-competent, and community-based.

The Camden Promise Neighborhood partners will create localized opportunities for families living in the target area to receive services and access resources that promote overall family well-being. Programs and service provision will reflect the needs of families in neighborhoods within the target area.

3. Efforts will be driven by data and evidence-based or evidence-informed practice.

The Camden Promise Neighborhood partners will serve the target population through programs and interventions that are based on strong to moderate evidence whenever possible. The partners will track performance and programmatic data as it pertains to the GPRA measures.

4. Collaboration is necessary.

 The Camden Promise Neighborhood understands that no single organization can meet the comprehensive needs of families in the target area. Partners recognize the benefit of working collaboratively and braiding resources to build a seamless continuum of services through which families can transition easily and successfully.

5. Creating a culture of promise.

The Camden Promise Neighborhood partners commit to collaboratively provide opportunities for children and families in the target area and contribute to building a culture of possibility and attainment for all.

6. Priority to children in Camden Promise Neighborhood. 

The Camden Promise Neighborhood partners will give priority to supporting families in the target area when possible. The target area includes families who reside in Cooper Lanning, Bergen Square, Centerville and Liberty Park as well as families with children attending KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy (KCNA), Head Start at KCNA and Centerville, KIPP Whittier Middle School, US WIggins College Preparatory Family School and Camden High School. 

Federal Promise Neighborhood Award

Camden City is a proud recipient of 2017 Federal Promise Neighborhoods implementation funding from the US Department of Education. Promise Neighborhoods, based on Geoffrey Canada's Harlem Children's Zone model, aim to create a comprehensive pipeline of services and a cradle through college and career path leading to positive change for children and families. 

The Promise Neighborhoods award brings $30M to Camden over five years and supports the development and implementation of a pipeline of comprensive birth-to-college-and-career services to reach children at every age and stage of development. 

The Camden Promise Neighborhood implementation grant is focused on four contiguous Camden neighborhoods - Cooper Lanning, Bergen Square, and parts of Centerville and Liberty Park and children attending schools in those neighborhoods - U.S. Wiggins College Preparatory Lab Family School, KIPP Cooper Norcross Lanning Square Primary, KIPP Cooper Norcross Lanning Square Middle, KIPP Cooper Norcross Whittier Middle School, and Camden High School, and the just under 14,500 individuals living and learning in these areas.

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