The Promenade at Sagemore and Quixote Quest "Rally for Checkers"

The Promenade at Sagemore and Quixote Quest "Rally for Checkers"

Friday, May 18, 2012

MARLTON,NJ- The Promenade at Sagemore, located in Marlton New Jersey, is joining forces with Center For Family Services Quixote Quest program to host "A Rally for Checkers " scheduled for Sunday, May 20th from 11 am to 3pm in Center Court. The Rally is an interactive event to raise awareness of the horrors of puppy mills, support for the animals who have endured this abuse and a celebration of happy ending stories, animal adoption and alternatives.  

Named in honor of Checkers, a Schnauzer rescued from a puppy mill on October 7, 2011, the Rally celebrates the work of all the rescue organizations that save the lives of dogs that have been mistreated, abandoned, neglected or victims of the puppy mill system.  The Rally also honors dog lovers everywhere who offer their own homes for foster care until these needy animals find their forever home.  In addition, the Rally thanks all those who adopt or rescue an abandoned animal and bring a happy ending to a life formerly filled with struggle and sadness.  Those who attend the Rally will also learn the importance of NOT purchasing animals from puppy stores, backyard breeders or mills when seeking a pet; one should ADOPT. . .DON'T SHOP.

Visitors to the event will be able to get first-hand information regarding fostering and adoption opportunities, as well as meet with rescue groups including All They Need is Love, Semper Fido, Justice Rescue and Bichon Rescue.  Activities include A Checkers for Checkers Challenge where players compete in a game of checkers against Quixote Quest teen volunteers to win prizes.  Official Checker's handkerchiefs will also be on sale for the special dog in your life. 

"We are extremely proud to help Quixote Quest raise awareness for such a worthy cause.  Puppy mills are the source of astonishing cruelty and poor health, as well as a contributing burden on the pet population. We are happy to support an event that communicates the need to help save the lives of these animals that undeservedly suffer and bring an end to this shameful business," states Laura Balga, The Promenade at Sagemore’s General Manager.

Quixote Quest is a youth volunteer program at Center for Family Services focusing on teen participation in community service.  High school students (age 14 - 18) receive guidance and support to positively impact their community through a commitment to volunteerism and philanthropy. 

 “The event provides us with a great opportunity to share information about what happens to animals in puppy mills.  We are asking everyone to learn about this issue and to adopt…don’t shop,” states Quixote Quest volunteer Nicole Casl.

For more information on A Rally for Checkers and other upcoming events at The Promenade at Sagemore contact the Concierge at 856-985-3846 or go to  For more information on Quixote Quest and Center For Family Services please visit



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